-as told by Danger Girl, Founder Welcome to the 5th  annual Rolling Sturgis! 

Every year when I sit down to write this letter to you, it’s about the first time I actually get to reflect on what an amazing event this really is, and how awesome my friends are for putting up with this crazy dream of mine and actually helping with it. They never complain and they never let-on that I’m just plain nuts.

Rolling Sturgis takes a ton of dedication, persistence, patience and TIME. This event is created solely for the love of the sport of Roller Derby. We are celebrating it’s comeback, it’s current national popularity and it’s future world domination!!

Rolling Sturgis was inspired by a mixer I attended in early 2010 in Norfolk, NE. It was the first bout I ever played in with players other than my own teammates, I think I learned more about Roller Derby that night than I had in my entire first 2 seasons of inter-league play. I walked away thinking, wow.. I want to be able to give that same experience to other skaters.

On the drive home as I tried to figure out how we could make a mixer “special”, Rolling Sturgis, the idea, was born.

Our first year was rough, we started in a parking lot, few people even knew we were there. It was still so fun because we were playing just to play… no place to camp, no plans, just show up and skate.

Roller Derby in a Field? 

We graduated to a field far out in no-man’s land, threw down a giant wood deck right on the grass.. played on a wavy skatecourt floor on a deck and loved every minute of it. Fast forward 2 more years, we find ourselves in a field of asphalt with a beautiful new skatemaster track. We get to play under the biggest blue sky you will ever see, surrounded by the beautiful Black HIlls, with the rumble of motorcycles as our theme song.

Skaters from around the world come together this week to skate, learn, relax, have fun and leave their lives behind for a few days. Life-long friendships will be made and maintained.

Last year was our 5th Anniversary and we did it in style with the most coaches and most skaters ever at Rolling Sturgis! We always draw a lot of attention with TV crews and media and this was no exception so we, again felt like rocks stars.  In the end, we got to skate and that’s really what it’s all about.

This year is now the 75th Sturgis Rally so you can be SURE we have some serious celebrating to do and crowds will be INSANE.  We are busy planning the best way to make this Rolling Sturgis one for the history books.

My wish is that you come, have the time of your lives and never forget these moments because every year at Rolling Sturgis is truly special.

Tara Flanery, aka DANGER GIRL