You’re all signed up and you’re counting the days… now you are thinking “what can I expect?” “what do I need to bring?!” “I’ve never even heard of the Sturgis Rally, but by the time I leave it will have heard of me. I have to be prepared!”

Here’s a little 101 to help you prepare for your Rolling Sturgis and Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground experience.

  • GEAR – 1st and foremost: Your gear… We are playing on a beautiful new SkateMaster track by SportMaster Sport Surfaces. We suggest hard indoor (92-95A) or hybrid wheels but you know what you like best! Make sure to triple check that you have all of your protective gear (helmet, mouth/wrist guards, elbow/knee pads). Now the biggest trick is to get it there! You may be traveling by motorcycle, plane, car or horse… MAKE SURE YOUR GEAR GETS THERE TOO!!!
  • CAMPING – Unless you’ve made other arrangements, IE; RV, Camper, Hotel, (all of these are NOT included in RS Pass, please inquire about bringing a camper or RV) Then you will be pitching a tent with the rest of the crew at the “Derby City”! If you have never been camping here is a little checklist for you:
  • TENT (remember those stakes & tarps in case of rain)
  • PILLOWS and if you are fancy or smart you will bring an
  • AIR MATTRESS (Make sure your air mattress has no holes…. or it may be a long week because duct tape doesn’t always mend it).
  • BATHROOM SUPPLIES! There are showers and bathrooms/porta-pots at the
  For International Skaters, or anyone traveling FAR… Rolling Sturgis has extra tents and sleeping bags, pillows blankets etc. Feel free to let us know if you need to use any of it, less bulk on the plane the better.  Derby city is also well equipped with a grill and coolers for your use and sometimes skaters who bring RVs or Campers have extra room.  
  • PLANNING – Obviously you will have your Rolling Sturgis Agenda however in your down time there is so much the Rally has to offer. Do some research, see what’s out there :)Please be aware that there are several hundred thousand people attending the Sturgis Rally and traffic can set you up for extreme delays. If you are signed up to bout, we are expecting you and have planned for you to be there.. please plan your day trips accordingly and allow plenty of time to return if you have committed to skate, or maybe plan for a day off of skating to tour.
  • FOOD AND WATER: There are several vendors on the grounds as well covering all food groups as well as daily FREE “Jesus Pancakes” (Sunshine is the Bee’s Knee’s) however keeping yourself well rounded is a must… so pack those healthy treats and those bottles of H2O! Not being prepared in the food & beverage department can add a pretty penny to your expenses if you are going to just purchase as you go (There are food stores and gas stations near for those who need to get supplies). Rolling Sturgis does have a community grill in the camping area we use called “Derby City”.  We also have freshly prepared food one time per day, trackside, to help out with consistent good food intake.  These meal tickets are provided at a pre-pay of $5/day, *highly recommended!
  • CLOTHING: The weather can be hot and sticky. You may shine up nicely from time to time but majority of the time you will not care about your appearance. This is Sturgis, were if you are not covered in an inch of exhaust, dust and last nights party well then you aren’t experiencing it enough! The nights can get cold and there is always at least one big rain storm. Rain gear is never a bad idea.
  Obviously since Roller Derby is your main agenda, you will need to have a black & white t-shirt available for every night that you plan on bouting. (cleanliness is optional) Bring any other accessories you deem necessary! Other than that, it is up to you on what you would like to pack. Suggested: Plan on hot, plan on cold, plan on rain, plan to swim, plan that it may be so hot you only want to cover your “special places”, and plan on purchasing new clothing!


Expect life to happen and plan accordingly!

Plans may fly out the window however one thing is for certain: A jam packed, off collar, full of opportunity, EPIC experience is in your future at Rolling Sturgis… See you there, pants always optional!